How Do You Shop?

Clothes shopping is often described as “retail therapy” that allows your mind to wander among racks and racks of new style possibilities after a particularly long week. However, when it comes to retail therapy, how does one do it? What type of experience do you have when it comes to curating your closet?

Below are some of our favorite ways to shop

Brick and Mortar:
Physical retail shops allow fashionistas to go through entirely different experiences, which are unavailable online. Factors like the smells, sounds, and human interaction found at a store are hard to replace and will likely be a driving factor for brick-and-mortar survival.
We like the aspect of instant gratification, nothing gets your new clothes to you faster than buying (and trying them on) and walking out the store with trendy pieces.

In-store shopping can also provide inspiration by transforming a space into a showroom of outfit ideas you may not have thought of. We can’t forget about the music playing and great lighting to really set the mood.

If you been following and reading Sashé for sometime now, you know thrifting is what we love!  Wearing second hand clothing has had a stigma for different cultures or generations, but it’s finally coming back in full swing for the realization that this is a good thing. When we wear an item that has already been produced, we are giving it a new life. You’re reinventing clothing in your own way. After all, fashion is a cycle and always recurring, so it will one day be back in style.

The world of online shopping brings a plethora of options and choices to your fingertips. Online shopping offers more selection, sizes and designs for different body types and whatever your unique style. Some of the benefits of online shopping are the community of fashion go-getters who provide amazing reviews. It’s almost like having a personal shopper without having to pay the fees 😉 The best reason to shop online is no crowds, who really wants to maneuver their way through a packed store. All you need is a glass of wine and your credit card!

No matter where you find yourself on your next shopping spree on the couch or down the aisle, just make to pick some fabulous fashion…on a budget of course!

Tell us in the comments below, how do you shop?



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Comments (5)

  1. I shop at online retailer and thrifting ! I don’t like spending all my money on an outfit! I like to stretch my money.

  2. Online shopping is the best for me now. I hate walking around the mall.

  3. Online shopper for real.

  4. I do all three as well! You two look really cute!

  5. My favorite way to shop is definitely online! I used to be a brick and mortar type of gal but now the crowded malls freak me out sometimes! Lol


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