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Standout Stripes

Let’s talk about the reasons why we love stripes. First off, it’s the epitome of a classic and timeless look. There couldn’t be a more flattering pattern out there than summer stripes. They look great on all body types and definitely say hello to summer glow. Lastly, they’re never going out of style ladies. So, you can sashé in your stripes year after year.

That’s one wonderful thing about fashion, it has the tendency to repeat itself. However, each season brings on a new inventive twist to discover and wear such as vertical stripes. Vertical stripes will draw the eye up for summer which is both sophisticated and flattering. If you’d like to really master the trend, remember the bolder the stripe, the better.

“Somewhere over the rainbow” is one of the best stripe trends for summer. This fun twist on color is also known as kaleidoscope or rainbow.  How could you not want to wear these bright and cheerful designs?  There are so many options for mixing hues to create a beautiful masterpiece and explosion of color combos. Be daring and chic by incorporating stripe looks with intense colors, sizes, widths and even prints. Whether a dress, top, skirt or pants, these items will be eye-catching and mesmerizing. Get your pot of gold ready, because you’ll want to try them all.


Fashion Features


Jamie’s Outfit

Top -Zara (Similar)

Jeans – Forever 21

Shoes – Coachpurchased from Burlington Coat Factory on sale!


Ashanti’s Outfit

Top- New York & Company

Skirt-New York & Company

Shoes-Black Boho Style Sandals from Ross (Similar)

Click on each picture for a closer look

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  1. I’ve never heard of the somewhere over the rainbow stripe. See you ladies are teaching us all different things about fashion.

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