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La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita means “the sweet life” or “the good life” in Italian and for the past two weeks we were living our best life in this amazing place.

Italy is a must-see, and one of the most-traveled destinations in Europe—there are so many highlights in this beautiful country. The canals of Venice, the Tuscan wineries, the cobblestone streets of Rome, the Arno river running through Florence, to the cliffs of Sorrento and beyond.  A travel experience that left us wanting more and already planning a return excursion to Italy.

Rome is an eternal city, with a long history to match. Rome has it all including a mixture of cultures from around the world.  With gelato in hand, explore some of the iconic sites such as Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Vatican and the Colosseum and take in all the stunning architecture the city has to offer.

Italy is also a foodie’s dream, we definitely indulged in the fresh pasta, delicious cheeses, wine, pizza, gelato and more.

Travel Tip:  Invest in skip the line tickets, so you are not waiting in line for hours to see these famous landmarks. Skip the line tickets might cost you a few extra euros but it’s totally worth it!

Our journey continued onto the charming coastal town of Sorrento. This picturesque spot offers panoramic views, sunshine, fantastic food and a laid-back atmosphere. It’s a beautiful and magnificent destination along the water. There are several other quaint towns along the coast including Naples, Capri, Positano and the Amalfi Coast, all with breathtaking views.

Next we traveled to the peaceful and beautiful Tuscan countryside. Tuscany evokes visions of the glorious countryside, old world charm, expansive olive groves, and, of course, bottles of the world’s finest wines.  Wine is not just something you drink in Tuscany — it is a way of life. The vineyards and wineries are labors of love, many passed down through the generations to continue a time-honored family tradition.

Whether you consider yourself to be a true wine aficionado or just a casual sipper, you cannot visit the best wineries in Tuscany without sampling a glass or two (or three) of a world class vino that calls Tuscany home: Chianti.  It was simply wonderful.

Finally and  probably our favorite destination was the serene island of Venice. The pictures don’t do it justice, this place takes your breath away.  The clear blue waters and the crisp breeze hitting your face as you stroll through the Venetian canals on a relaxing gondola ride.

The island is accessible from Florence and surrounding areas via train but once you arrive the only mode of transportation is via boat(water taxis, gondolas,ferries, etc.) or by walking. Where you would imagine roads to be, there is water!  So that means no cars on the island. It’s so quiet and peaceful!

This blog post is only a few highlights of our trip. It really does not even touch the surface of the pictures that we have or all the places we visited.  We did not have a chance to include places such as Florence, Pisa and the ruins of Pompeii. This was truly an amazing excursion and the opportunity of a lifetime. We feel blessed to have experienced the fascinating country of Italy. This will not be our last Italian getaway and we hope you have been inspired to explore!



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